Royal Oak Extra-Thin Openworked Replica

Both of these watches are interesting limited edition Royal Oak watches done in honor of the 40th Anniversary of the Royal Oak collection. While not the only limited edition models for 2012, these are the two skeletonized variations and each arrive in silver cases — a bit ironic to celebrate the famed high-end steel watch.

Audemars piguet royal oak limited edition extra-thin openworked replica likely still sells more Royal Oak (such as Royal Oak Offshore) watches than anything else in their own range. If you remember, they published a slightly redesigned variant of the fundamental Royal Oak watch for 2012 in a 41mm wide case. Up from 39mm wide, the new size is meant to be modern. These limited edition models look to the past and the present with one being 39mm wide and the other being 41mm wide.

To be honest, the Royal Oak collection is no stranger to skeletonization. It’s been done previously, however Audemars piguet royal oak look alike extra-thin openworked replica watch does not do it the exact same way twice as far as I can tell. They use the term”openworked” versus skeletonized — they mean the identical thing. So far as I can tell these watches aren’t any more thin compared to the standard Royal Oak watch — so I’m assuming the”Extra Thin” part of the title is there for marketing purposes since thin watches are at right now.

There’s a ring around the dial with lume-coated hour mark. Obviously, there’s also a non-skeletonized version of the watch for 2012 (but not with the platinum instance ). The skeletonization style is odd. It looks almost bubbly and a little stylized. Good or bad, it’s exceptional and with only 40 of them around, AP is going to have no issues getting them to eager customers.

The other model is 41mm wide and will be the tourbillon version known as the Audemars piguet royal oak leo messi extra-thin openworked fake watches Openworked Extra-Thin Royal Oak Tourbillon 40th Anniversary Limited Edition. Geez these titles are long. The movement is also offered in a non-skeletonized variant model, but aficionados enjoy all of the gear function. The skeletonization here is more traditional in style and is arguably the more desirable of the two models given the more aesthetically pleasing dial, bigger instance size, and more complicated motion. Though I know it will cost more than two times as much as the automatic.

These two platinum Royal Oak watches are pure Audemars piguet royal oak london extra-thin openworked clone DNA, and only for fans. With only 40 bits in each model (a low limited edition item set for Audemars piguet royal oak diamond bezel extra-thin openworked replica), it will be interesting to see the value these watches have in a decade or so.



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